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 •   Identify stakeholders
 The company considers the following principles and uses experience to identify important stakeholders. 
 (1) The company has relevant responsibilities for individual or group decisions in legal, financial, and operational aspects.
 (2) Individuals or groups affected by the impact of the company’s operations.
 (3) Individuals or groups that will have an impact on the company’s business performance.
 Based on the analysis of the above principles, the company gives priority to employees, shareholders and investors, customers, and suppliers. In addition, representatives of relevant departments will investigate the views and opinions of different stakeholders. Effective communication with stakeholders is a basic requirement for the practice of corporate social responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the stakeholders, communicate and understand their reasonable expectations and concerns, so as to promote the company's awareness of related issues and solutions.

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Stakeholder Communication methods and channels


The company handles other employee welfare measures, retirement systems, advanced education and various employee rights and interests in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Standards Law.
In order to promote communication with employees, the company provides diversified communication channels to ensure instant transmission and transparency of information, and allows employees to fully express their suggestions to the company as a basis for improvement of various measures.

Shareholders and investors

In order to protect the rights of interested parties, the company has set up spokespersons and proxy spokespersons to respond to investor questions, and handle them properly in accordance with the principle of good faith and a responsible attitude.


The company provides a full range of services and guarantees for customers and customers. The company communicates with customers immediately in response to customer complaints, understands customer needs, and promotes the effect of interaction between the company and customers, and conducts internal meetings to review and improve the company.


The company sets up a contact number to provide complaints channels for suppliers, customers and interested parties, and quickly resolve reported problems.

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