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Training & Development

People are the most valuable resources of a company and of vital importance to a company’s continuous development. Our HR focus on how to attract people, train people, motivate people, improve people and offer them a clear carrier path. Through expanding new business areas, we offer our employees with vast development opportunities. Through open promotion system, human-oriented cooperate culture and complete training system, we also builds up a platform for fair competition, offer sustainable development opportunities for individuals and make our them grow together with our company.

Career  Path  Planning   

In order to improve employees’ knowledge and skills, motivate employees, select talents, our promotion mechanism is based on annual assessment, annual appointment, competition and selection, dynamic management. We give priority to promote the employees who work hard and more capable. According to different positions and functions, we offer clear carrier path to employees and ensure everyone has the opportunity to get promoted.  

Complete Training System

Orientation Training :

Corporate culture, history, line of business, organization, quality and environment, regulation, safety instructions, etc.

Skills Training :

Pre-job training for different positions and regular professional and occupational skills.

Management Training :

Management theories and skills for managerial position or with management potential.

Comprehensive Skills Training :

Training to promote comprehensive development, such as communication skills, teamwork , etc.

Electronic control study

Injection training

Assembly multi-function worker training

Multifunctional training for injection department

Silicone Teaching

Precision machining teaching