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Precision machining capability

Precision tooling fabrication is crucial to the efficient production of highly qualified stamped and molded components. In-house design and fabrication of precision stamping dies and molds ensures that every detail of the component design is precisely reproduced with the capability to meet your most challenging dimensional, shape and size requirements.
Tooling designers are engaged in offering cost-effective manufacturing solutions and to provide our customers with greater design flexibility, shorter lead time, and increased control over the quality and performance of the final product, Our capability in tooling design and fabrication not only can fulfill in-house demand, but also can assist your tooling needs in all phases of the tooling processes beginning with part design, tooling design, material selection, tooling manufacturing and maintenance.

capabilit : 100 sets / month

 CONCRAFT is one of the few precision metal stamping and plastic injection molding manufacturers that can offer all four of these attributes: Quality, Delivery, Price, and
Capacity. The combination of  state-of-the- art equipment, the latest technology, control of all in-house processes , experienced  specialists and  dedicated workers ensures
that we could  meet customers’ delivery schedules with the highest quality products at competitive pricing. We offer one-stop solution from design to production of all stamped
and molded parts.

Closed loop control system on EDM process

In-house manufacturing cutter and mold-base

Mirror surface without polishing

Aspherical machining

Precision mold processing capability

  • Design, fabrication of precision tooling
  • Moldflow analysis to support design-for-manufacture & material selection
  • Use mold flow analysis to support DFM design and plastic material selection
  • State of the art CNC machining equipment including grinder, wire cut, EDM, miller, etc.
  • Self-developed tooling fabrication management software to plan, coordinate and monitor different processing stations

    Positioning toleranc : 0.001mm

    Optimised the advanced 3R/EROWA fixture system with the best equipments, particular tolerance can be controlled around 0.001mm. A tailored manufacturing management system

    Closed loop control system on EDM process

    In-house manufacturing cutter and mold-base

    Mirror surface without polishing

    Aspherical machining

  • Precision Processing Equipment

    CONCRAFT has rich experience and talents in precision mold manufacturing, and at the same time introduces advanced precision processing equipment, which greatly enhances the precision processing strength of CONCRAFT

    Advanced precision processing equipment

    CONCRAFT's precision processing equipment has full capacity, which can provide customers with flexible size requirements and meet customer precision requirements

    Ru ko Ru ko processing machine

    Five-axis micro-precision machining

    Precision high-speed machining center

    Mirror surface polishing High Precision Machining Center

    Micro precision machining parts

    The manufacture of precision molds is particularly critical to the efficient production of high-quality stamping parts and plastic parts. Kangerfu has the design and manufacturing capabilities of stamping molds and plastic molds to ensure that every detail of the designed products can be accurately reproduced, even the difficult size, shape and size requirements can be met.

    Five axis robotic CNC milling as a whole part Blade thickness: 0.15mm

    Five-axis integral forming parts

    Five axis robotic CNC milling as a whole part ø 0.25

    Precision molds for automotive components